Jun 01, 2021aupadhy rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
Eight years of unceasing spotlights and speculation seemingly laid bare the Obamas’ life to the world. Yet, as Michelle Obama details in this memoir, the headlines and newspaper columns could hardly paint a complete picture of how the first black First Lady of the United States came to be. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Michelle Obama’s life was filled with the tides of change. Her childhood home slowly morphed into a hotbed for violence due to white flight; her local schools deteriorated as funding dried up; and her family struggled to cope with the decline of its foundation, her father. But amidst these trends, Michelle Obama’s story defied the curve. From the halls of Princeton to the corridors of the White House, Becoming traces the hitherto-unknown journey of one of the world’s most inspiring figures. I thoroughly enjoyed gaining an inner look into Michelle Obama’s inspiring life, and I found this book to be incredibly inspirational from start to finish.